Pearl Handled Revolver “People often deride the blues as static but this psychedelic stew of rock and kaleidoscopic blues shows the medium can be progressive if bands sprinkle invention on it as well as this British outfit do” – Powerplay Magazine.

They are billed as a heavy blues outfit but they are so much more than that. The band are always going to be distinctive due to the throaty Joe Cocker like vocals of Lee Vernon who not only uses that attribute superbly but also commands the stage in a way that makes it difficult to avert your gaze from him as you always feel you are going miss something. ” “You are transported back to the late 60s Cream, The Doors and The Spencer Davis Group…. those influences added to the Joe Cocker vocals and you have a band that are more than just watchable as borne out by the very appreciative crowd who roared out for more even after an hour set.