Welcome to the Blues Bar Tring. Our goal is to bring quality live blues to Tring and the surrounding area. We currently run one or two gigs per month on the first and the third Thursday, but we also run extra’s so please check the Gig Guide for full details and to sample some of the bands music (dates are also listed on the this page). We can offer you an evening of outstanding music with drinks from the bar. Please come along and enjoy an evening of fantastic music.

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Upcoming Gigs

East-West Maxwell Street

East-West Maxwell Street

4th August 2022

The Cadillac Kings

The Cadillac Kings

18th August 2022

Mark Harrison Trio + CTWSH double header

Mark Harrison Trio + CTWSH double header

1st September 2022

Steve Knightley  (Show of Hands)

Steve Knightley (Show of Hands)

2nd September 2022

The Chilterns MS Centre

Blues Bar Tring supports the Chilterns MS Centre and so far your support has helped to raise over £6,000 for the centre.


Please note that our gig calendar is fully for 2022. If you wish to play in 2023 then please contact us in the second half of 2022. info@bluesbartring.co.uk. Many thanks Blues Bar Tring.